Bramble Inn
beautiful inn with nice pool


We are proud to invite you here at Bramble Inn for your next vacation in Massachusetts. Even if you are not a tourist new in the area, you are welcome here. We assure you that we are going to make your time worthwhile and we are going to to make your vacations the best one for you. Our accommodation is simply unique and one of the kind. Just by crossing the threshold alone will bring you back to the feel of the yesteryears. This is most especially as it sits in the middle of an equally charming neighborhood in the heart of the district in the Cape Cod Bay. Our home in itself is antique so you can find here an added value during your stay.

What more can we offer you?

experience luxury in fine dining

Here at Bramble Inn, you have a chance to live in class and luxury without the expensive price. All of the rooms we have here are boasting with top grade facilities that will make your stay comfortable and worth having again. We are even nearby many different attractions that will appeal to individuals from all walks of life. Just in case, we don’t you will still not have any trouble because you can find many activities in the inn alone. What more is that Bramble Inn is not just a regular Inn because we offer here also a splendid dining place. No need to go out of the Inn if you want to experience fine dining and candlelit dinner because you can get that here already. Our menus are superb and specially prepared by top-notched chefs who came from the international scene. So you see, no worries that your vacation will not go well because we assure you that it will. So what are you waiting for? Limited rooms available so make your reservations now.

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