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Some Safety Concerns of Garage Door Springs

Some Safety Concerns of Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs pose a lot of safety hazards. Garage door springs are used to lift and lower the heavy garage door smoothly and effortlessly. These springs tend to break over time. When they break, the shrapnel objects can fly around the garage in any direction.

Anyone around the garage door is at serious risk of injuries. Recent models of garage doors pose little risk in the case of spring breakage. It is because these springs are installed over metal shafts, cables, or rods. They work as retainers so the broken spring is not allowed to go ballistic. On the other hand, the old model garage door springs are subject to sending ballistic chunks of metal flying around the garage. Consult garage door spring replacement service in Dallas, Texas to learn about the garage door springs.

The old models of springs can be identified easily because recent models of springs have a core rod that is running throughout the spring. It is a built-in safety feature to protect your family and house. The cord rod will retain broken pieces of springs in the event of breakage. You can look at the local hardware store to see the new springs.

You can easily notice a core retaining rod running through the length of the spring. If you are still using the old version of springs that does not include any cord rod, it is always best to replace them with the newer models. Garage door spring replacement can cost you $500 to $700 depending on the type of garage door. There is another simple way to make your garage door springs as safe as new ones using safety cables.

Close the garage door completely to extend the springs to their maximum position and measure the correct length. After taking the length, double it and then add two feet extra. Let’s suppose, the spring will be 4.5 feet once it is extended, double it to 9 feet and then add 2 feet extra to make a total of 11 feet. It means you need 11 feet of cable for each garage door spring. You also need a cable clamp according to the number of springs. Now it is time to thread the cable up at the center of the spring and back down outside the spring to make a loop. Use the cable clamp to clamp the end together. It is simple enough and you will get a retainer to keep the garage door spring safe.

If your garage door has two springs on each side, add another 11 feet to the length and run the cable up the center of the spring and down the center of the other part. It will cut the cost of the task in half and you will get a safer garage door. The best way is to replace the old garage door springs with the recent self-retaining model for the efficient functioning of your garage door. New springs also have different safety features. You should always call professional garage door experts to replace the springs.

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