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Garage Door Torsion Spring Maintenance

Garage Door Torsion Spring Maintenance

As with all the mechanical equipment in the home, the garage door needs proper maintenance to ensure that they keep functioning the way it were installed to.

Unluckily, most individuals are unaware of the fact that the garage door and its hardware needs periodical maintenance and security checkups.

To keep your machine in a perfect working position, you need to perform the lubrication on the torsion springs system which is one of the most challenging and critical parts. These springs are also the most obvious parts which need special attention when you are facing problems either opening or closing the garage door. Another critical task is garage door torsion spring conversion which should be left to professional garage door technicians.

Torsion springs are placed under extreme pressure and wound tightly. Due to high tension and burden on them, even the heavy-duty steel springs will wear out over time and finally break down. It is because of the possibility of sudden breakage that the torsion springs have to be checked and maintained in order to avoid potential injuries or property damages. It is strongly recommended to have the garage door inspected regularly through a professional contractor. These springs should be replaced if needed.

Many overhead garage doors are installed with two separate springs. If one of them is broken, replace both of them at once even though the good one may show little signs of malfunctioning.

You will waste your efforts and money if only replace the broken spring because the other will not be far behind it. You may have a garage door that is creating squeaking sounds or chattering noises when it is operated. It does not mean that the springs are on their last legs and need replacement. The problem can often be fixed simply by applying any silicone spray or a high-quality lubricant such as WD-40 or something similar.

Another sign which shows that your garage door needs inspection and maintenance is if there are some broken strips of hanging cables. Regardless of the quality of the garage door, cables can be worn out easily. A sudden break of garage door springs due to loose cables could cause fatal injuries.

That is why these cables should be inspected, maintained, and replaced by someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in the services related to the cables and springs.   The torsion springs are kept under extreme pressure that is why they are dangerous to handle.

It is strongly recommended to schedule a yearly inspection and maintenance provided by professional garage door technicians. It will avoid the risk of potential injuries and damages and also give you peace of mind that the garage door will work efficiently and safely every time.

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