Bramble Inn
high class facilities inside the inn



I stayed here in Bramble Inn for the whole week. The experience was great for the whole family. The staff here is very accommodating and very polite. They are willing to do everything to make our stay here very memorable. For the record, the amenities they offer is really nice. You will not expect it for a traditional home. Recommended. Kudos for the people behind Bramble Inn.


Bramble Inn was recommended by my friends who traveled before already to Massachusetts. They have only good words about the place and I was able to attest to it when I stayed in the same place during my trip. The overall vibe it exudes is classy. You cannot help but feel like you are living in another era when you stayed in this place. The furniture is all antique which is really amazing as well. The room I stayed in, although air-conditioned, has a four-poster canopy bed. It was my first time to stay in such and I do not even need to pay a high price for it.


I traveled to this place with the whole family. We carried our furry family member with us. We already booked into a place here in Massachusetts. I don’t know what happened but when we arrived, they seemed to have overlooked the booking for us. It ended up that we do not have a place to stay. This is a bit more complicated than usual since not all hotels and inns allow dogs in their rooms. Good thing we found Bramble In. They are very accommodating and friendly. They allowed even our dog to get a boarding. It was really a good treat for our family vacation. Because of this place, we were able to maximize our stay in Massachusetts. This place is highly recommended.

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