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Types of Garage Door Springs and Ways to Replace Them

Types of Garage Door Springs and Ways to Replace Them

Garage door springs installation and replacement is not a do-it-yourself project. It is best handled by professionals. Every time you use your automatic garage door, the highly tensed garage door springs aid the garage door in the opening and closing process.

They controlled the movements of the garage door in a way that they are under extreme tension and pressure at all times. It is a clear statement that due to safety reasons you should always have garage door springs inspected or replaced before they are going to snap and break soon. Remember that the garage door spring replacement project is as important as taking care of the whole house. Garage door springs may not be as large as garage door openers but they are an essential part of the smooth functioning of the garage doors.

There are two types of garage door springs. One is an extension spring and the other is a torsion spring. Placed at the upper portion of a garage door opening, the torsion springs are mounted on a metal rod or shaft. These springs are positioned at the top of the garage door that is parallel to the frame of a garage door.  They lift and lower the garage door either by manual operations or electronically. These springs are good for about 10,000 operating cycles before that break and need to be replaced. If one of the springs breaks the other one is likely to break soon so it is better to have both springs replaced at the same time to save money and effort.

The other type is garage door extension springs which are side mounted springs. They are long and heavy devices that are placed along the tracks of the garage door. These springs function differently and are simpler to adjust and fix. These springs do also come with certain safety risks due to extreme tension all the time they are so making sure that you get them replaced properly.

It is extremely easy to see which type of garage door springs are installed on your garage door by just looking at them. If you have any confusion about the process, call professional garage door experts as soon as possible. The extension springs are tensed for the lifting and lowering process and function in the same way as the torsion spring when a pulley is used.

 The best way to keep garage door spring working safely is to replace them as a set. Over time, prolonged usage of the springs can decrease their strength and performance. This is why it is always suggested that don’t use new springs with old springs as they cause imbalanced movements of garage doors and increase the risk of snapping. When one of the springs breaks, don’t just replace the broken one both should be replaced.

It is highly suggested that to replace the garage door spring to keep your garage door functioning smoothly, it should be handled by professional garage door technicians. Remember that adjustment or replacement of garage door springs can be dangerous that should not be taken for granted.   

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